Staying safe in high school is important, especially in today’s environment. Students often find themselves in potentially dangerous situations without realizing what they are doing. When teens can make wise choices about protecting themselves, staying safe on- or off-campus is much easier.

Here are some of the tips to review with your teenager that can help them to stay safe while they enjoy their high school years.

Stranger Danger Is Still Very Real

It’s not unusual for teens to get a lift from people they don’t know at school. Even if the person is a “friend of a friend,” the issues that can come from this decision are numerous. It may be natural to trust those around you, but that perspective isn’t always wise.

At the very least, have teens carry their phones and a personal alarm to help them stay safe if they get a ride from a stranger. Teaching them to communicate by text or a quick call to let you know where they are helps generate an immediate response if something happens.

Avoid the Parties

Although parties are part of the high school experience for many teens, they can also be a place where problems develop. It’s crucial for all kids to know their limits, avoid alcohol, and learn how to avoid making risky decisions. Anything that pushes their bodies too far could put them in a potentially dangerous situation.

It is always within a teen’s right to change their mind about their actions. When a tactical pen or another self-defense item is available, it becomes easier to escape to safety.

Follow the Golden Rule

Teens sometimes think they can take advantage of others to benefit themselves. Some might even try that trick with their parents. Instead of putting yourself into a position where you could be a victim or a user, avoid a situation where someone would be used. Be confident in your choices, treat others how you’d want to be treated, and don’t be afraid to tell people “no.”

Think About Social Media

Everything that used to be private can easily become public with screenshots and social sharing. Once something gets posted, it is quite difficult to scrape those words, images, or videos from the Internet. Saying that you’re spending time alone because your parents are out of town could invite the wrong kind of attention to yourself or your property.

Take Care of Yourself

Although teens want to take care of their friends and family, the first priority should be on themselves. It is much easier to make positive choices or recognize unwanted situations when you get enough sleep and eat the right foods. If you need more help, consider taking self-defense classes or investing in the tools that can help to keep you safe.

High school is already tough enough without needing to worry about everything that could happen. When teens have access to the right tools and time to practice how to manage situations, they’ll have more ways to keep themselves safe.

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