Every time a school shooting occurs, there is talk about arming teachers with self-defense equipment. As mass shootings become more frequent, it becomes increasingly crucial for teachers to be proactive in preparing for an active shooter situation.

The majority of schools have lockdown measures in place. In the event of an armed attacker, the school office quickly alerts authorities while teachers and kids lock themselves in classrooms. Nonetheless, the staff and teachers must also be proactive in learning how to defend themselves.

School Safety

School Safety

Thus, with the increase in school shootings nationwide, it makes sense for teachers to carry self-defense tools, such as stun guns and pepper sprays. Non-lethal self-defense alternatives bring the perfect balance of capabilities and safety. Because they cause minor long-term damage, teachers can utilize these weapons against a broader range of threats than traditional lethal weapons.

Even with self-defense tools at your side, keeping your class safe requires you to follow basic self-defense practices. So, to keep your class safe with self-defense tools, keep the following best practices in mind.

Have an Awareness of Your Surroundings

When protecting yourself and your students, the first rule of self-defense is always to be aware of your surroundings. Always be mindful of who is in your classroom and their intentions as you go about your day. If you see something that does not seem right, report it to the authorities. A potential threat should always be addressed rather than ignored.

Devise a Plan of Action

You must have a plan for how you will respond to a crisis. Familiarizing yourself with the protocols for handling school-wide emergencies comes first. On the other hand, you should also create a plan of action for your classroom, your students, and yourself.

Get into a Defensive Position and Remain Silent

You and your students must remain silent in an emergency. Then, position yourself behind a door or wall so you can see and handle an intruder before they can see you.

Take Advantage of the Element of Surprise

Approach the intruder from the side, if possible. Aim for the elbow with your weapon if they are holding a gun in a straight frontal position. Otherwise, aim for their head or face. You will be able to gain the upper hand and hit the invader more swiftly and effectively if you use the element of surprise.

Make Use of Self-Defense Tools as a Last Resort

Self-Defense Tools

Teachers carrying self-defense tools can become a life-saving measure during a critical school shooter event. However, they should be kept only as a last resort to keep your immediate classroom safe. Always keep your students safety as your top priority.

Self-defense tools make an ideal last-resort defense against school shooters. In addition to causing less long-term damage, these weapons also make it much more difficult for you to get into legal problems. It is much less likely that you will get in trouble with the law if you use them exclusively for self-defense, as opposed to a knife or firearm.

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