All In One Cameras

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To keep yourself safe at all times, you need to keep your house secure at all times. While we probably shouldn’t set booby traps throughout our house, we can definitely keep an eye on everything that happens in our household. That’s where all-in-one security cameras system come into play. It will let you know what happens at your house at all times of the day.

What is an All-In-One Security Camera?
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An all-in-one security camera means it offers complete functionality. Oftentimes, you’ll find household security cameras that only offer grainy, low-quality video footage. This type of surveillance is simply not enough in the vast majority of situations. It rarely can be used to identify a criminal and really only serves as a minor deterrent.

All-in-one security cameras offer a comprehensive set of surveillance features. They offer 1080p recordings for crisp video footage of anything that occurs in your house. It also incorporates a speaker and microphone for two-way audio and recording.

This means you can speak into your phone which then gets routed through to the all-in-one cctv camera speaker. You can use this functionality to talk to anyone in your household or even scare off trespassers. On top of these features, it also has Wi-Fi to connect the video to your phone or computer.

Never leave your house alone again with an all-in-one security cctv camera. Its convenient 360-degree view gives you complete surveillance of an entire room.