Personal Alarms

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Personal safety alarms give you a convenient and effective way of notifying anyone in your surrounding that you are in danger. It can also disorient a potential threat with the loud noise it can produce. Beyond a physical threat, keychain personal alarms can also be used to notify you of overflowing water or alert you if you’re about to fall asleep while driving.

How Can Personal Alarms Help Keep You Safe?
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Using a safety personal alarm can be an extremely effective method of keeping you safe from potential assailants. The last thing any assailant wants is attention drawn to their actions. A keychain personal alarm does just that. In populated areas, it can immediately draw the attention of everyone around you forcing the threat to flee the scene or face legal consequences.

They’re also extremely easy to use and offer convenient storage. Coming in small sizes, most of them could fit into a pocket or purse with ease. This ensures you can always notify your immediate area of any danger. Some of them also incorporate strong strobe lights to further illuminate your situation.

Beyond this you can hold on your person, you can also help prevent burglaries with a doorstop alarm or infrared motion detection alarm. These alarms will sound whenever an unexpected threat appears.