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In this era, ensuring protection with weapons has become necessary due to the immense rise in terrorism and sexual abuse. Most people don’t go out with a defensive weapon; it can be anything from stun and TASER Guns to Pepper Spray and Telescopic Steel Batons.

Though there are several suppliers of protective weapons, if you want to get the best quality one, Self Defense Mall is your best bet! Dive in to learn more about our products and why you should choose us.

Why Do You Need Self-Defense Weapons?

Self-defense has become a common practice as there’s always a risk of encountering thieves or abusers, whether you are just wandering around streets or working at a workplace. Imagine encountering an attacker and being unarmed. What would you do in that situation except be helpless? Wouldn’t it be better to carry a self-defense weapon? That undoubtedly is!

Why Buy from Us?

Self Defense Mall is a leading self-defense weapon provider specializing in providing the best-quality less-than-lethal products at a reasonable price.

Our website features complete information about the different types of weapons we sell. This is to ensure our customers get to know everything regarding the product’s specifications and usage and make an informed decision about buying what they want.

Self Defense Mall ensures each of our customers enjoys an amazing shopping experience and is 100% satisfied with the product quality. Moreover, our team always remains available to answer your queries. You can contact us via the website.

How to Choose the Right Self-Defense Weapon?

Several things come into consideration when choosing the right self-defense weapon. However, the most important one is the size and weight of the weapon. Your weapon must be lightweight, easy to carry, and handy.

Another important decision is what choices you have, the best options available, and from where you can get them. To get answers to all these confusions, hop on below!



We have multiple types of stun guns available, from stun batons to ground-pounding ZAP stun guns. You can get one that best suits your needs. A stun gun can swiftly subdue an attacker and save you. You can purchase our Stun Gun flashlights and carry them wherever you go to feel protected.


TASER Guns are legal in 49 states; if your state is one of them, then there is no better self-defense tool than this. Using our Taser gun, you can attack someone from even a 15-feet distance, immobilizing the attacker before they even approach you.


Pepper Sprays are one of the easiest-to-use weapons. Just spray it on your target and get time to run away from the attacker. This spray will incapacitate your attacker, leaving him temporarily blind and having difficulty breathing.


Telescopic Steel Batons have been used as weapons for over 200 years. Though these are small in size when collapsed, they make ideal self-defense weapon choices due to their strong attacking power.


It’s another reliable self-defense tool. These minimal weapons may seem harmless at first glance, but these make the best self-defense tool for a woman. Made with impact-resistant and tough plastic material, these key chains are not only easy to carry anywhere but also handy.


Being a woman, you are supposed to be smaller in size than the attacker. Your self-defense weapon must be easily accessible to fight in any frightening condition. A range of our products, from stun guns, Tasers, and pepper spray to personal alarms, can be used as a self-defense tool for women.

Does My State Allow Carrying a Self-Defense Item?

Wondering do you have the right to carry self-defense weapons in public? Yes! According to US supreme court orders, Americans can carry self-defense weapons, even guns, in public. The senators of New York also passed a modest bill on gun safety measures after ten people were brutally killed in a mass shooting at a supermarket.

Also keep in mind one thing; each state has its own rules by which some of the states outlaws carrying certain weapons like firearms with silencers and automatic rifles.

Important Tips and Tricks

Besides carrying weapons, here are some important tips and tricks you should consider for self-defense.

    • Your body language matters – you must always walk with confidence with your shoulders back and chin up, standing tall.
    • Be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings – if you are feeling potential danger in the surrounding, never ignore, be aware, and stay well-prepared to defend yourself. It’s preferred to stick to well-lit areas in such cases.
    • Your eye contact is a strong weapon – use your eye contact as the first weapon. Never avoid eye contact with the person you are finding strange, as it may lead them to consider you an easier target.
    • Don’t hesitate ­– learn about your safety boundaries and if someone crosses those and makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate in taking action.
    • Shout Aloud – another important tip is to shout aloud. This way, you can get help and attention, and your attacker will also get startled.

What You Should Avoid

Having the right to self-defense doesn’t mean using weapons when not necessary. If you are carrying one, make sure to check out the instructions too, which clarify when using a weapon for self-defense is justified. You can’t claim a situation as self-defending if you created a dangerous situation.

Sometimes in anger, we happen to use more force than required; never do that; you will instead end up with allegations. You can opt for two strategies to reduce the use of force while defending yourself. One is avoidance, and the second is discouragement. Discouragement refers to disincentivizing attackers, and avoidance refers to staying aware to minimize the risk of getting attacked.

Make sure to have complete knowledge of your state laws if you opt to carry a weapon for self-defense in public.


We provide a comprehensive selection of Self-Defense Products for Women to accommodate a wide range of requirements and budgets. Moreover, we have the tools you need for any method of self-defense you’re most comfortable with, be it a clear canister of Pepper Spray or a more complex Women’s Stun Gun. We also provide a selection of different household security products to ensure the safety of every family.

The company’s wide variety of Stun Guns, Taser Guns, Pepper Spray, Alarm Systems, and Security Systems are intended to instill a sense of calm and confidence in its customers by reassuring them that their properties are safe.

Get in touch with us today with any of your questions, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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