Throwing Stars

Throwing Stars

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Unveiling the World of Throwing Stars: History, Types, and Techniques

History of Throwing Stars

The fascinating world of throwing stars, also known as shurikens, has its roots deeply embedded in feudal Japan. These small, flat, sharp-edged weapons found their earliest use amongst ninjas, who employed them for stealthy attacks and diversions. Initially crafted from mundane items like nails or coins, throwing stars soon evolved into sophisticated designs tailored explicitly for combat.

Types of Throwing Stars

Dive into the intriguing variety of throwing stars, each boasting its distinct design and purpose:

  1. Bo Shuriken: Simplicity reigns supreme with the Bo Shuriken. This common throwing star exhibits a straight, tapered design with a single central point.

  2. Hira Shuriken: Featuring a flat, circular shape adorned with multiple points along its edges, the Hira Shuriken is meant for throwing in a spinning motion, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness.

  3. Kugi Nuki: A variation of the Bo Shuriken, the Kugi Nuki distinguishes itself with a hole in the center. This design reduces weight, facilitating more accurate throws.

  4. Hoko Shuriken: Resembling a spear, the Hoko Shuriken boasts a single pointed end and a wide, flat base. It excels in long-range throws and finds utility in hunting and fishing.

Modern Use of Throwing Stars

While throwing stars still maintain a presence in select martial arts and self-defense practices, their primary usage today revolves around recreational activities such as target practice or collecting. The art of throwing stars has morphed into a popular hobby, with enthusiasts participating in competitions and exhibitions worldwide.

How to Throw a Throwing Star

Mastering the art of throwing a throwing star necessitates skill, practice, and adherence to the right technique. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Select the Appropriate Throwing Star: Begin by choosing the right throwing star that matches your skill level.

  2. Proper Grip: Hold the throwing star between your index and middle finger, ensuring the point faces forward.

  3. Stance: Adopt a stable stance with your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly offset, and your dominant foot positioned a bit behind the other.

  4. Throwing Motion: Initiate a fluid motion, drawing your arm back and then propelling it forward, releasing the throwing star at the precise moment.

  5. Follow Through: Maintain accuracy and momentum by following through with your arm and body.

Safety Tips for Throwing Stars

Given their potential danger, it's paramount to observe these safety precautions when handling throwing stars:

  1. Eye Protection: Always wear eye protection when engaged in throwing star activities.

  2. Designated Areas: Limit your throws to designated areas, ensuring a safe distance from people and animals.

  3. Inspect Your Throwing Star: Before each use, verify that your throwing star remains undamaged and unbent.

  4. Hold Safely: Always grasp the throwing star by its edges, keeping your fingers away from the sharp points.


While throwing stars might have originated as instruments of war, they have metamorphosed into a popular recreational pursuit cherished by individuals worldwide. With the right technique, equipment, and safety measures in place, throwing stars offer an engaging and challenging hobby for martial arts enthusiasts and outdoor sports aficionados alike.


Q: Are throwing stars legal to own and use?
A: The legality of owning and using throwing stars varies by country and state. Prior to acquisition or use, thorough research into local laws is essential.

Q: Can throwing stars be used for self-defense?
A: While throwing stars can serve a self-defense purpose, they are rarely practical or effective in most real-world situations.

Q: Can throwing stars cause serious injury or death?
A: Yes, throwing stars wield the potential to inflict severe injuries or even prove fatal if mishandled. It is imperative to adhere to safety guidelines and restrict usage to designated areas, away from people and animals.