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Home Alarms

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Self-defense goes beyond small items you can carry when you’re out and about. To keep yourself safe at all times, you also need to keep your home safe. That’s where home alarms system come in. They can secure your entryways, valuables, and even your pool.

Keeping Your Home Safe With Home Alarms
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To keep your home safe, the main place you need to secure is your entryways. You can quickly and easily secure your entryways with a magnetic door alarm. Despite its name, you can also use these alarms on windows as well.

The home alarm system works by attaching its base to the door or window frame and an actuator to the door or window. It triggers whenever the actuator leaves the base meaning it sounds anytime the door or window is opened. This offers a great solution for difficult-to-secure glass sliding doors.

You can further secure your home with a barking dog alarm. It uses a sensor to identify outside movement and create the sound of a barking dog anytime it triggers tricking any potential dangers from thinking a dog resides in the house.

Keeping your home safe also involves keeping your pool door safe with an alarm. A pool alarm can notify you anytime someone enters your pool door whether on accident or on purpose so you can keep an eye on any water activity at your home.

Securing Your Valuables

Beyond securing entryways, you can also secure specific valuables with padlock alarms. These padlocks sound an alarm anytime the lock is tampered with to notify you of anyone trying to steal or tamper with your valuable items.

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