Security Scanners

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Security scanners offer you a way of ensuring a person entering your home or place of business is not carrying any identifiably dangerous objects. Typically, handheld security scanner scans for metal objects on a person to identify any guns, knives, or other dangerous weapons. You can use a hand-held security metal detector to keep your home safe.

How Reliable are Security Scanners?
Security Scanner | Security Metal Detector | Handheld Security Scanner | Handheld Security Metal Detector

Our handheld security metal detectors are highly sensitive to any metal objects. It detects any metal on a person even under clothes or in a backpack. When a metal object is detected, the metal detector emits a beeping noise or vibrates depending on your preference.

These handheld security metal scanner can detect a tiny pin a full inch away from the scanner itself. Larger items are even easier to detect. A handgun or knife can be detected a full four inches away from the security metal detector. This means a handgun or knife even in a backpack can easily be detected by our handheld metal detectors.

To make this handheld security metal detector as convenient as possible, it’s powered by a single 9-volt battery. So, you can bring your handheld security scanner with you anywhere you go and easily bring it to different entry points to the locations you are trying to keep secure.

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