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Legal in 49 states, TASER from Axon makes highly dependable taser guns with the stopping power you need to stay safe in any situation. With nonlethal force, TASER creates effective but safe self-defense tools that can incapacitate an attacker from up to 15 feet away. This gives you the opportunity to avoid any personal damage prior by immobilizing an assailant before they can reach you.

Axon is well-known for supplying law enforcement with the taser guns and other self-defense equipment required when working in the field. So, they decided to bring these same high-quality standards to consumer self-defense products with their TASER brand of taser guns. This gives you the dependability you need to ensure your safety at all times. Never worry about a malfunction again with TASER from Axon’s high-quality build standards.

From standard taser guns that pack a punch to discreet taser guns combined with a high-intensity flashlight, you can cover your on-the-go self-defense needs with TASER products. The TASER Pulse brings the same punch used by law enforcement officers delivering 30 seconds of muscular override so you have plenty of time to get away. With the TASER X2, you get even more power.

For discretion, look no further than the TASER Strikelight, Strikelight 2, or Bolt 2. These pack the same punch you expect from Axon products in a discreet package looking just like a normal flashlight.

Make carrying, storing, and maintaining TASER products even easier with a complete set of accessories offered by Self Defense Mall.

Everything You Need to Know About TASER Guns

In the last few decades, the concept of selfdefense has risen exponentially and has come to the point where people are thinking about making it a compulsory subject in schools. There are various ways in which one can learn and go about self-defense, like boxing, martial arts, etc.

These trainings take time and might not be as effective when it really matters. This is why you need a taser gun by your side can help you get out of a sticky situation. If you want to know more about TASER guns, read this article till the end as we explain all you need to know about them.

What is Self Defense?

Oftentimes, we come across news related to attacks and muggings; recently, there has been an increase in these cases, and due to the increasing crimes, people are getting worried about the safety and security of their loved ones. This is where self-defense comes in, as it enables people to dodge or fight back and stay safe.

What Are TASER Guns and How to Use Them?

A TASER Gun is a self-defense weapon that comes under the category of an electroshock weapon. It is designed and shaped like a small pistol and has the ability to incapacitate people for a small period of time. A TASER fires two small darts that are meant to puncture the skin and stick to the target.

If you want to use a TASER Gun, you need to follow these steps:

Be Attentive at All Times

Whenever you feel like danger is close or someone is following you, try to stay attentive and steer clear of dark or shady places, like narrow alleyways and streets. Ensure that you are completely aware of your surroundings, as attackers tend to sneak up and take you by surprise.

Try Not to Panic

If in any unfortunate incident, you come across an attacker, you need to stay calm and think about how you can confuse the attacker and get you out of that situation. If you panic, it will worsen the situation and cause damage.

You can distract the attacker by throwing dirt or rocks in their eyes or face and utilize that time to run away or wait for them to get into a 15 ft radius and use your TASER.

Shoot With Your TASER

If all of your techniques of distraction or running away fail, then you can repent to the last resort and use your TASER and shock the person. Before using your TASER, you need to make sure that your suspect is actually an attacker and intends to hurt you, as there have been many cases of misunderstandings that have led to innocent people getting tased.

In order to use a TASER, your target must be within 15 ft as it is the maximum range of most of the tasers available out there. All you need to do in order to incapacitate your attacker is press the trigger as soon as the person comes within the range of your TASER and aim correctly at the person.

How Does a TASER Work?

In order to use a TASER, you also need to know how a TASER works. The TASER is shaped like a gun with a big trigger in the middle. On the front end, there are two darts that are connected to the TASER via a thin copper wire which is insulated for safety purposes.

Whenever the trigger is pressed, both darts are shot out of the front at around 200 km/h and stick to the attacker’s body and deliver a charge strong enough to cause neuromuscular incapacitation. This shock can either result in immense pain or cause the person to lose control of their muscles.

Are TASER Guns Good for Self-Defense?

Since TASERs have the ability to incapacitate a person even at a long range, it is quite effective for self-defense as they might not even give the attacker time to get close.

In many places, the Police and other law enforcement agencies also use TASERs to tackle people with aggressive intent or people who try to escape.

Self-Defense Mall – The Best Place to Buy TASER Guns From

Now that you know so much about these TASERs, you must be interested in buying them, but due to the increasing scams and frauds, you should be cautious about where you buy them from. If you want to steer clear of all these problems and wish to have the best quality, then head over to Self Defense Mall and check out their collection of Self-defense tools.

They also have a wide variety of different TASERs, which come equipped with all kinds of perks and features and can deliver enough current which can incapacitate your target and give you time to flee. Apart from TASERs, they also have an extensive range of different tools and weapons, like Stun Guns, that you might be interested in.

To help you make your decision, we have made this list of some of the finest TASERs Self-Defense Mall has to offer.

1. TASER X2 Professional Series

Provides the best self-defense thanks to perfect precision.
Comes with an additional shot in case you miss the first one.
Equipped with an LED Flashlight and dual lasers for precise aim.
Used by professional people and law enforcement agencies.

2. 7 CQ TASER Home Defense

Compact size and grip for better aim and accuracy.
Made for close-range combat in case of any intruder breaks into your home.
Equipped with a backup shot which reduces the time needed for a reload.


This was a conclusive yet detailed article on all you need to know about TASER Guns. We covered topics like how they work and how you can use them for your own safety. TASER Guns should be carried around by people as they are the best form of self-defense.

If you are looking to buy a TASER Gun for yourself, visit Self Defense Mall and indulge in their top-quality Self-defense weapons at a reasonable price. Most of their tools and weapons come with additional perks and features which will help you protect yourself in any given situation.

Explore our wide range of Taser guns under $100 and complete your self-defense arsenal by checking out our collection of powerful Taser Batons as well!

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