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Non-Lethal Stopping Power

Empowering Personal Protection: Women’s Top TASER Options at Self Defense Mall

In the ever-changing world we inhabit, women’s safety is paramount. Self Defense Mall is profoundly dedicated to addressing these pressing concerns by curating a formidable line of tasers, purposely engineered with the safety of women in mind. These exceptional products fuse aesthetics with functionality, comfort with power, and affordability with quality, offering uncompromised personal protection. Let’s delve into our selection of superior tasers designed to offer unmatched self-defense for women.

TASER Pulse with Laser Sight and Cartridges: Precision and Power

This compact, highly-effective TASER Pulse with Laser Sight and Cartridges is priced at a discounted rate of $399.00. The Laser Sight feature ensures precision aiming, while the included cartridges enhance the device’s utility. It provides a reliable and robust self-defense mechanism, making it an essential addition to any woman’s safety toolkit.

Cell Phone Stun Gun: Camouflaged Safety

At just $49.95, our Cell Phone Stun Gun for Women comes with a 120dB alarm, flashlight, and rechargeable functionality. The genius of this stun gun lies in its innocuous appearance, camouflaging it as a common cell phone while packing a powerful punch for self-defense. Its features ensure optimal protection, even in low-light environments.

TASER 7 CQ Home Defense: A Domestic Fortitude

For those in search of a high-end, comprehensive defense solution, the TASER 7 CQ Home Defense is available at a discounted rate of $1,799.95. This advanced taser provides effective home defense, offering an unparalleled combination of range and power. It equips women with the tools necessary to protect themselves in the comfort of their homes.

TASER Bolt 2 Self-Defense Tool: Compact Powerhouse

Our TASER Bolt 2 Self-Defense Tool, priced at $449.99, offers a perfect blend of comfort and security. With its compact design, this powerful tool ensures women can carry it discreetly while maintaining their confidence and personal safety.

TASER StrikeLight 2: Power Meets Practicality

Our TASER StrikeLight 2, available at just $169.95, combines the utility of a flashlight with the defensive capability of a stun gun. It offers a practical, dual-purpose tool for women, empowering them to defend themselves while providing a reliable light source.

Non-Lethal Stopping Power: Empowering Women

At Self Defense Mall, we understand the increasing challenges women face regarding their personal safety. We’ve strategically designed and chosen our range of tasers to give women the non-lethal stopping power they need in any situation. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch, reliable, and user-friendly tasers that effortlessly blend into everyday life while offering potent protection.

Our selection includes a wide variety of tasers, including wearable, compact, and high-tech models. We’ve focused on maintaining affordability without compromising functionality. Each product boasts a range of user-centric features such as laser sights, safety switches, rechargeable batteries, integrated alarms, and flashlights, all intended to enhance a woman’s personal safety.

Updated: June/2023

Stay safe and secure with our tailored taser options designed specifically for women. Shop our exclusive collection today, explore the world of self-defense, and make an empowered decision that best fits your safety needs. At Self Defense Mall, we prioritize your safety, equipping you with the confidence to face any situation head-on