Are Cell Phone Stun Guns and Tasers Legal to Carry?


Cell Phone Stun Gun

When you see someone displaying a weapon, what is your first reaction? The average person looks for ways to avoid a potential conflict with that person.

Another reaction might be to pull a weapon you’re carrying to prepare for a self-defense effort if attacked.

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If you find yourself in the second category, one of the best options at your disposal is a rechargeable Cell Phone Stun Gun or TASER. It won’t let you place a call, but you can give an attacker a surprise they’ll never forget when you press this tool against the skin.

This model looks and feels like an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7, but it delivers multiple ways to defend yourself.

Features Offered by the Cell Phone Stun Gun

When you select this easily disguised Phone TASER, you’ll discover that it provides several features that work to keep you safe.

  • It provides 14 million volts of stunning power to create an immediate self-defense intervention.
  • The product offers a 50 lumens flashlight to help you see better in the dark.
  • It includes a 120-decibel alarm to ensure anyone in the area can hear that you need some help.

This design uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a USB connection to ensure you can give it the power it needs to deliver lots of volts when you need some help. Its covert design is more than portable – it requires a close inspection to tell that you’re carrying a self-defense tool.

Is it Legal to Own a Stun Gun?

Everyone is encouraged to check local laws and regulations regarding carrying or using a Cell Phone Stun Gun or TASER.

It is essential to remember that local terms might give this resource a different name. Some of the most common alternatives include electronic stun weapons, remote stun guns, and electronic control devices.

Some state laws use the term “Stun Gun” to apply to all Taser-style devices.

Many states use the term “dangerous weapon,” so it is wise to assume that a cell phone stun gun that delivers 14 million volts gets put into that category. In Oregon, court orders that prohibit the possession of certain items due to red flag laws typically include a tool like this one.

Here is a closer look at the state of Stun Gun and TASER laws in the United States, including if you need a permit to own one.

Where Is It Illegal to Have a Stun Gun or Taser?

Stun Guns and TASERs are legal to own in 48 out of 50 states in 2022. The two holdouts are Hawaii and Rhode Island.

There are some exceptions to consider under this patchwork of state laws regarding this self-defense tool.

• Illinois. Anyone with a Stun Gun or TASER must have a FOID (firearm owner’s identification card) before being allowed to complete a transaction. An application is required. Parent sponsorship or the age of 21 is mandatory for issuance.

• Indiana. This state allows you to own a Stun Gun legally, but a Taser must come with a handgun license.

• Michigan. You’re allowed to own and carry a Stun Gun in this state, but you must have a concealed carry permit to take it with you off your property.

• North Carolina. You can legally own Stun Guns and tasers in this state, but they are excluded from the current concealed carry permits. That means it cannot leave your property.

• Wisconsin. Stun Guns and tasers are permitted in this state after you’re approved for a concealed carry license. If one is granted, you need to renew it every five years.

What If I’m Traveling to a Different State?

Your state laws don’t follow you when traveling throughout the United States. Once you cross the border, whether by foot, car, or plane, you are bound by the local rules and regulations.

Most states allow you to bring a Cell Phone Stun Gun with you when driving because it is property that stays in the vehicle while it is operating. If a concealed carry permit is required at your destination, you would need to leave it in the vehicle or have it in packed luggage.

If a permit is required, it can take several weeks for the paperwork to be processed. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to ensure you don’t create trouble for yourself.

When you fly with stun guns and Pepper Sprays, the TSA currently states that these self-defense products must remain in your checked luggage. It cannot be taken onto the plane with your carry-on bag.

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What If I Need to Use My Stun Gun?

Although a Stun Gun is treated as a self-defense tool, it can also be deployed as an offensive weapon. Virtually all states criminalize its use for a situation other than defending yourself.



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If you own a Cell Phone Stun Gun, you cannot use it to harm someone else without reason physically. You and your friends might pull Jackass stunts on each other with one, and that’s fine if everyone gives consent.

Without consent, you could be charged with assault or another crime. California offers a specific stipulation that if you’re convicted of assaulting someone with a Stun Gun, you can be sentenced to up to a year in prison – or more if other stipulations are met.

Police and law enforcement officers are typically permitted to carry Stun Guns as part of their duties. If they are off duty, the training and certification they pass to use these tools allow them to apply for concealed carry permits or be allowed to carry as an exception legally because of their career.

are there age restrictions to stun gun ownership?

Anyone over the age of 25 is typically allowed to own a Stun Gun of any shape or size. Some states have lower age requirements of 18 or 21. Some minors can also own or use one with parental permission.

That means Stun Guns are an excellent self-defense option for seniors.

What Are the Benefits of Stun Gun Ownership?

A rechargeable Cell Phone Stun Gun or TASER is such an effective tool that more than 15,000 law enforcement and military agencies deploy them to officers for use in the line of duty.

Although a Stun Gun doesn’t have the instant stopping power of a firearm, this tool doesn’t come with the violence risks that rise when handguns and rifles are present in the modern home.

According to information released by Johns Hopkins, 25% of women and 1 in 7 men will experience severe physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner. That leads to these statistics on firearms in the home.

  • Almost 50% of all women killed in the United States were murdered by a former or current intimate partner.
  • Over 4.5 million women say that someone has threatened them with a gun, and almost one million say they were shot or have been shot at by their spouse or partner.
  • More than half of domestic violence homicides are committed with a gun.
  • Women are five times more likely to be killed if an abuser has access to a firearm in the house.

Stun Guns reduce those risks while providing an affordable way to create a defensive posture. That’s one benefit of ownership to consider. Here are some others to review.

You Get Extra Time in Dangerous Situations

A personal safety device like a Cell Phone Stun Gun provides more control over a potentially hazardous situation. You can manipulate an attacker’s intent without needing to deploy excessive force. If someone becomes dangerous or combative, this self-defense tool can be deployed to help you get away.

There Are Reduced Injury Risks

Self-defense weapons reduce the risk of fatal injuries to oneself or others when deployed compared to a lethal-force product. Most people sustain no injuries or minor complications when using a stun gun.

The effects a stun gun creates typically wear off once the device loses contact with the skin. Relatively few risks exist if someone accidentally hits themselves with the product, which is not always the case when dealing with a firearm.

Effective Deployment Options

A Stun Gun provides a self-defense option when an attacker is within your physical boundaries. You don’t need to worry about becoming overwhelmed by the effects of Pepper Sprays or the need to be accurate with taser projectiles.

All you need is bare skin to deploy a Stun Gun. Some models come with sharp prongs that can go through some forms of apparel.

You don’t need to target a specific area for positive results. Anywhere on the body will work when you’re trying to escape.

Stun Guns Are Easier to Learn

Even when concealed carry permits are required to own or use a stun gun legally, the process is typically faster and cheaper than a handgun. Since the cost is relatively low for these self-defense tools (you can buy about ten stun guns for the price of a single, entry-level pistol), this resource is more accessible to everyone.

Complete Immobilization Opportunities

Stun Guns can stop a wide range of people than other forms of non-lethal self-defense interventions. If someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the physical reaction from the voltage still forces them to the ground.

People under the influence of different items can often ignore pain or fight more than they would when sober. Even pepper sprays have been shown to be ineffective in those circumstances.

Stun Guns can stop even motivated assailants.

FAQ About Stun Guns vs. Tasers for Self-Defense

A rechargeable cell phone stun gun for women is an excellent choice for self-defense because of its cost and advantages.

Before finalizing a purchase, it’s important to compare the benefits of a Stun Gun to that of a TASER. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive on the topic so that you can get the answers you need.

How Much Does a Taser Cost?

A Professional TASER can cost $1,500 or more when the goal is to buy a model that matches what peace officers use today. An entry-level Stun Gun with decent features typically retails at $25 to $50 per unit.

Even the Strongest Stun Guns are typically less than $100.

Does Stun Gun Voltage Matter?

Electric Stun Guns come in a range of 50,000 volts to more than 100 million volts. As this rating rises, the milliamp output typically decreases. That means the best option for this self-defense tool is one that fits in your price range, fits comfortably in your hand, and is easy to deploy.

A Cell Phone Stun Gun is a great choice because the ergonomics are simplified.

Is It Safe to Use a Stun Gun?

Although there are occasional instances where people have had a fatal reaction to a stun gun or taser, it is a rare complication. Most individuals have heart conditions or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the event occurs.

If you deploy a Stun Gun according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’re most likely applying non-lethal force that lets you escape from a dangerous situation.

Are Stun Guns More Effective Than Pepper Sprays?

It depends on your situation. A Pepper Spray can offer a deployment range of up to 20 feet, but it can also blowback if sent into a headwind. A Stun Gun relies on either pain compliance or loss of muscle control to be effective, so some people can resist its effects.

It’s also possible for some people to resist pepper spray symptoms. It all depends on what you’re comfortable using and the legality in your area.

Should I Buy a Stun Gun Today?

The rechargeable Cell Phone Stun Gun or TASER is an excellent resource when you want some extra help navigating uncertain public situations. When used safely and correctly, it delivers an effective way to protect yourself.

At Self Defense Mall, we source the best products in each category to ensure you have what you need to stay safe. If you have any questions about one of our products, please feel free to reach out at your convenience. We’ll have one of our friendly representatives in touch with you shortly!