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Our Video Vault is your personal safety hub. In a world where it often feels unsafe, knowledge and preparedness are your best allies! Our collection of self-defense product videos is designed to empower you, offering a closer look at the tools and techniques that work to enhance your personal security.

Here are a few of the highlights you can find in the various videos on this page. More information about individual products, including how to purchase them, is found in our store. If you have any questions about the info found here, please feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives at your convenience.

Pepper Spray Self-Defense Products

These videos allow you to see firsthand the power of pepper spray. They deter an attacker from several feet away while offering different dispersal methods.

Self-Defense Pepper Spray Videos

Watch real-life demonstrations on the effective use of pepper sprays. Learn about range, potency, and the correct way to handle and deploy them in various situations.

Byrna products in this category deliver rounds that fire like a traditional firearm while offering non-lethal interventions at greater distances than a standard spray.

Self-Defense Byrna Gun Videos

Stun Guns and Batons for Self-Defense

In the following videos, you’ll get to know these effective self-defense tools better. You’ll find information about the different types, their legalities, and how to use them safely. They are a practical and concealable way to deliver non-lethal force that can incapacitate an aggressor.

Stun Gun Videos

You will experience the step-by-step functioning of stun guns and batons through our guided videos. The content will also help everyone understand safety precautions, effective handling, and practical use considerations.

Self-Defense Stun Baton Videos

Personal Alarm Self-Defense Products

These videos will let you see how personal alarms provide a straightforward deterrent when potential threats arrive. You’ll get to know the different types and features available to use while reviewing the ideal scenarios for this self-defense product.

Self-Defense Personal Alarm Videos

Watch demonstrations on the operation of personal alarms. You’ll see how their loud siren can attract attention and help in crisis situations without needing to deploy something that could harm others to protect yourself.

Tactical Pen

Tactical Pens for Self-Defense

A tactical pen offers more than just the gift of writing! It delivers the hidden potential of a discrete and formidable tool that lets you protect yourself. We’ll dive into product tutorials that showcase the defensive capabilities of this option so that you can see how to hold and strike with them in various scenarios.

Self-Defense Knives and Unique Products

Step into the realm of unique and practical tools that work to keep you safe in situations where defending yourself becomes a necessity. Our instructional content focuses on technique, grip, stances, and personal movements to maximize the impact of each choice. We also reflect on the emphasis on de-escalation, using these options as a last resort.


Stun Flashlights for Self-Defense

Illuminate the path to your safety with stun flashlights, a versatile tool combining the utility of a flashlight with the protective power of a stun gun. Our videos in this category let you see how this dual-purpose device can not only light your way in darkness but also provide a means of protection when you need it most.