Byrna's Crimson Trace laser and weapon mounted light will elevate your defense capabilities

Being prepared to defend is all about stacking the odds in your favor. Accessories like Byrna’s crimson trace laser, and white light are two of the best additions to any of Byran’s line of launchers to drastically increase your effectiveness.

The Crimson Trace low-profile lasers come in both red and green for quick recognition, even in bright conditions. These lasers are great for helping maintain better situational awareness during a critical incident to confirm you are still on target without having to stare down your sights.

A white light is generally one of the first accessories I add to any weapon. The Crimson trace weapon light with momentary on and toggle on/off modes will make sure that you can positively identify that target before engaging and is also good for disorienting possible attackers, which may deter an engagement at all.

Both the Crimson Trace laser and white light are compatible with all of Byrna’s handheld launchers and shoulder fired launchers like the TCR and Mission 4 and are sure to increase your effectiveness and capabilities to make sure you are prepared to defend


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