Byrna Newsdesk: Argentina Police Agencies Order 15,000 Launchers To Equip Every Officer

In February, Byrna’s Global Law Enforcement division in conjunction with Byrna Latin America conducted another massive training event In Argentina certifying over 200 instructors from departments all over the country as well as with Officers of the Urban Guard who will be fielding Byrna SD’s and Mission 4’s to guard the states capitol. Mayors from several of the large cities as well as several governmental officials including the Minister of Security, the Secretary of Prevention and institutional coordination, and the Undersecretary of the Public Security System, among others, attended the training as well.

The state of Cordoba is in the process of fielding 5000 Byrna launchers to their police officers and will be ordering an additional 10,000 launchers to equip every officer in the state by mid-year.

This event was conducted on the heels of yet another large-scale training in Brazil where officers from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, and other parts of the country attended the Byrna Law Enforcement certification course. Various Police agencies in Brazil will soon be taking Byrna launchers into their communities to give them a much-needed less-lethal force option.

Byrna continues to push into the international arena but stay tuned because we will be announcing several other counties that will soon be fielding Byrna as their primary less-lethal force option so that when the time comes, they are prepared to defend.


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