If he only had a Byrna…father mistakes his daughter for an intruder and mistakenly takes her life. | Self Defense Mall

On this episode of “If he only had a Byrna”… A 16 year old girl in Columbus Ohio was shot and killed in her own home after returning late one night. Just before 4am, the girls father was awoken by a noise in garage and subsequently grabbed his handgun to investigate what he believed was a possible intruder. After seeing a figure in a dark garage, he opened fire, shooting and killing what he only then realized was his daughter.

If he only had a Byrna, this father would have had another viable option to address a possible threat without the fatal consequence. Positively identifying an attacker in your home in a dark environment is very difficult under stress and has deadly consequences with a firearm. Even if a mistake is made using a Byrna, the shooter doesn’t have to live with the emotional toll of needlessly killing a loved one.

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