Bear Spray – FRONTIERSMAN Bear Attack Deterrent Spray – 7.9 oz. Canister

Maximum Strength!

Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent Spray in 7.9 oz. canister contains 2.0% major Capsacinoids, the maximum strength allowed by the EPA. Frontiersman is approximately 10 times stronger than police pepper spray and 100 times stronger than most hot sauces. Field tested by the Elmendorf Air-Force Base, Frontiersman is proven effective and is the only bear spray which guarantees its strength via its in-house HPLC Laboratory to ensure capsacinoid consistency in every canister.

FRONTIERSMAN is manufactured by Security Equipment Corporation which is the worldwide leading manufacturer of pepper spray and makers of the famous SABRE & SABRE RED brands used by consumers and police forces worldwide. Made in the USA and backed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification, FRONTIERSMAN is the highest quality and best performing bear spray on the market!

The FRONTIERSMAN 7.9 oz. canister has a very impressive 30 foot range for protection at a safe distance.

Available Models:

• FBAD-03: 7.9 oz. Canister

• FBAD-04: 7.9 oz. with Belt Holster

• FBAD-05: 7.9 oz. Canister with Chest Holster

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