Mace Pepper Spray | Keyguard



Weight 0.2 lbs

Black, Pink, Purple


Mace® products deliver high-quality pepper sprays in short bursts, creating uncomfortable physical symptoms in attackers. This keychain design uses a refillable container that holds up to six deployments. The mace keyguard mini pepper spray has an effective range of up to five feet.

Since this mace keyguard pepper spray device is a short-range option, it is imperative to know the current conditions when spraying to avoid disabling yourself. Push this container right up into the face of the attacker and deploy after clearing the flip cap. Then continue the activation until you know for sure that you can get away safely.

Since this container is such a small size, you can store one in a purse, another in a pocket, and even some in a backpack to ensure your ongoing safety. The Mace Keyguard mini is available in three color choices.


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Mace KeyguardMace Pepper Spray | Keyguard