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The Benefits of Owning a Portable Solar Panel

Solar Panel (100W) -NEW

Portable solar power is one of the most influential inventions of our time. It’s more eco-friendly than virtually any other energy source, can be taken virtually anywhere, and only needs sunlight to give you all the electricity you need. RVers have used folding solar panels for several years, allowing them to skip using campground hookups […]

How to Protect Your Survival Food

1440 Serving Package - 240 lbs - Includes: 6 - 120 Serving Entrée Buckets and 6 - 120 Serving Breakfast Buckets

Emergency food supplies are assets that most families need, but don’t have at home. The government recommends having at least three days’ worth of items available, but places where hurricanes, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions occur need closer to two weeks of rations. After Hurricane Katrina struck, many homeowners found themselves displaced because of property conditions […]

How to Use Emergency Food Buckets

240 Serving Package - 40 lbs - Includes: 1 - 120 Serving Entrée Bucket and 1 - 120 Serving Breakfast Bucket

Emergency food buckets are a convenient way to stock up for a potential disaster. It’s the easiest way to quickly add large quantities of food that cover every category you need, including fruits and vegetables. Today’s best buckets offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options. You receive clean calories and nutrients, long-term storage, and simplified […]

Can I Drink Rainwater?

Drinking Water Survival

Rainwater can collect contaminants in the sky or while falling to the ground. Smoke and dust particles can be in the precipitation before reaching your property. Even the roofing materials in your gutters and shingles contribute to potentially harmful exposure problems. Substances like copper, lead, or asbestos could be trapped in the water as it […]

Essential Safety Skills That Get You Through Emergencies

are you prepared

The first and best investment you can make in yourself is to learn CPR and first aid. The American Red Cross and other organizations offer these classes in virtually every community. If you get certified, you’re typically protected under Good Samaritan laws. An emergency can happen at any time. Instead of being caught entirely off-guard, […]

What to Pack in Your Survival Backpack

survival kit

Survival backpacks are a perfect investment. These pre-filled items contain everything you need to stay alive if unexpected circumstances arise. Think of a survival backpack as your bugout bag that you don’t need to spend extra time putting together with everything else happening in life. When you choose the Red 64-Piece Survival Backpack, half of […]

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