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Decrease Your Risks of an Attack with Tactical Movements

Self Defense Protection

Criminals don’t usually target people randomly. They take a moment to size up their target, see if they can take what they want, and evaluate the potential risks of a confrontation. When you take a few moments to prepare for your time in public settings, you can often stop criminals from targeting you. All it […]

How to Stay Safe in a High School

how to Stay Safe in a High School

Staying safe in high school is important, especially in today’s environment. Students often find themselves in potentially dangerous situations without realizing what they are doing. When teens can make wise choices about protecting themselves, staying safe on- or off-campus is much easier. Here are some of the tips to review with your teenager that can […]

How Elementary School Students Can Protect Themselves

elementary schools

No one wants their child to be bullied. Thankfully, there are several steps that parents can take to stand up to these situations at school. When kids are prepared for challenging situations, they’re more likely to deal with the issue successfully. Each encounter becomes an opportunity to develop internal strength, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Those assets […]

Essential Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

self-Defense Tips That All Kids Should Know

You never know when someone might decide that you’re a target. Although you can’t control what other people choose, it is within your power to learn how to defend yourself. Some essential self-defense tools include pepper sprays, stun guns, and tasers. Your body also provides options that allow you to stay safe in uncertain times. […]

It’s called the BODYGUARD and it converts into a bulletproof vest in less than a second…and unlike other bulletproof backpacks.

bulletproof backpacks

Worlds Fastest Bulletproof Backpack (Undetectable For Stealth EDC)   After four years in development, The Self Defense Company launches the Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack featuring its patented “Switchblade Deployment” – and they’re celebrating with a 30% off promotion.   With your Bodyguard you can now take military grade ballistic protection with you – WHEREVER YOU GO […]

What Are the Benefits of Carrying Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray Wildfire | Pepper Spray With Belt Clip and Quick Release Key Chain

Everyone should be concerned about their safety. Although most people won’t encounter problems when commuting to work or buying groceries, it only takes one incident to change a person’s life forever. Should today be the time when you experience that incident, you’ll want to be prepared to face what comes your way. Appropriate self-defense tools […]

Self-Defense Skills Every College Student Should Know

essential Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

College students face three potential vulnerabilities when managing their daily schedule demands. After spending a long night studying for a test after a lengthy day of listening to lectures and taking notes, college students are often mentally spent. They can miss the potential risk factors in their environment they’d normally see if they were more […]

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