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Essential Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

self-Defense Tips That All Kids Should Know

You never know when someone might decide that you’re a target. Although you can’t control what other people choose, it is within your power to learn how to defend yourself. Some essential self-defense tools include pepper sprays, stun guns, and tasers. Your body also provides options that allow you to stay safe in uncertain times. […]

What Are the Benefits of Carrying Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray With Belt

Everyone should be concerned about their safety. Although most people won’t encounter problems when commuting to work or buying groceries, it only takes one incident to change a person’s life forever. Should today be the time when you experience that incident, you’ll want to be prepared to face what comes your way. Appropriate self-defense tools […]

Self-Defense Skills Every College Student Should Know

essential Self-Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

College students face three potential vulnerabilities when managing their daily schedule demands. After spending a long night studying for a test after a lengthy day of listening to lectures and taking notes, college students are often mentally spent. They can miss the potential risk factors in their environment they’d normally see if they were more […]

Self-Defense in Schools: Start with Teaching Techniques in PE

Is Now the Time to Start Protecting Our Teachers with Self-Defense Tools

The news is filled with stories of violence in schools. Commentaries and social media posts often describe these events as tragedies. Still, the truth is that someone deciding to commit a violent act against anyone, much less a child, should not receive a minimized descriptor. Murder is not a tragedy. Violent attacks are not mishaps […]

Is Now the Time to Start Protecting Our Teachers with Self-Defense Tools?

time to start protecting our teachers

Every time a school shooting occurs, there is talk about arming teachers with self-defense equipment. As mass shootings become more frequent, it becomes increasingly crucial for teachers to be proactive in preparing for an active shooter situation. The majority of schools have lockdown measures in place. In the event of an armed attacker, the school […]

Perfect Point Throwing Knives

perfect point throwing knives

Perfect Point Throwing Knives The first throwing knives appeared in warfare about 1,000 years ago. Historical evidence suggests that humans have used this tool for several purposes for almost 3,000 years. Thanks to Perfect Point, it’s your turn to write a new chapter in history. Perfect Point throwing knives allow you to hit your target […]