College students face three potential vulnerabilities when managing their daily schedule demands.

  1. It is often the first time a student is away from home as an adult, which means they’re on their own without a potential safety net.
  2. Long hours of studying are often required, sometimes lasting deep into the night, creating potential situations where harm could occur while returning home.
  3. Money can be tight, so options for self-defense tools may be limited.

After spending a long night studying for a test after a lengthy day of listening to lectures and taking notes, college students are often mentally spent. They can miss the potential risk factors in their environment they’d normally see if they were more awake.

That’s why knowing some essential self-defense skills while having access to affordable tools is crucial for the modern college student.

Best Options for Self-Defense in College

1. Self-Defense Key Chains

You can hook your dorm key to a self-defense keychain to always have protection in your pocket or hands. This convenient and discreet tool might seem harmless initially, but it can deliver a painful impact that could potentially debilitate an attacker.

The Brutus self-defense key chain is an excellent example of having form meet function while keeping the price low so that virtually anyone can afford it.

2. Self-Defense Kubotans

The original Kubotans were introduced in the 1970s to provide effective self-defense resources. Even the LAPD started using this tool because it effectively subdues targets when implemented correctly.

The best Kubotans look like a simple keychain at first, but they have a pointed end and a durable design that stabilizes your fist if a straight punch is necessary to defend yourself.

3. Pepper Sprays and Gels

Mace® is a brand name that many people use to describe all pepper sprays and gels. Although often marketed as an animal repellent, you’ll find that a big punch is available in small packages when using these products.

You can find containers that fit in most pockets and purses. If you carry a pepper gel, any skin contact can be enough to create a physical reaction that stops an attack.

Pepper gels stick like glue and spray a longer distance to ensure you receive the self-defense support needed for virtually any situation.

4. Knives

Most attackers won’t want to bring their fists to a knife fight. That means a small blade, which is typically legal to carry in virtually any setting, can give you an advantage as a college student. Several types of knives are available, with each one delivering a different benefit.

  • Butterfly Knives spread open quickly to deliver multiple self-defense techniques with an experienced hand.
  • Folding Knives are an all-in-one tool that can cut zip ties, defend against attacks, or cut through a tough cafeteria steak.
  • Throwing knifes provide a specific weight balance to deliver a defensive technique from a distance.

When you have a preferred self-defense tool available to use while attending college, you have an affordable way to defend yourself. Choose one today, become familiar with it, and there won’t be as many worries about those late nights of studying.