What Are the Benefits of Carrying Pepper Spray?

Everyone should be concerned about their safety. Although most people won’t encounter problems when commuting to work or buying groceries, it only takes one incident to change a person’s life forever.

Should today be the time when you experience that incident, you’ll want to be prepared to face what comes your way. Appropriate self-defense tools can give you more ways to escape that situation unharmed.

One of the best investments you can make in this area is pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Is an Excellent Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

Pepper spray comes in different formulations to create specific results. You’ll want to check the local rules for buying and carrying this self-defense product to ensure compliance with local laws.

Once you have a pepper spray product in your possession, you’ll find that it delivers some excellent self-defense advantages.

1. Fast and Effective

Pepper sprays work by inflaming a person’s mucous membranes. It affects the throat, lungs, nose, and eyes, temporarily blinding them while causing breathing issues. Those physical symptoms create enough disorientation for you to get away safely.

The effects happen almost immediately, especially if an attacker gets sprayed in the face. Their symptoms can last for up to 30 minutes.

2. Simple to Use

Pepper spray products are designed to be easy to use. Just point and pull to release the product in self-defense. Today’s manufacturers provide convenient containers that fit in pockets, purses, or holsters to ensure you can stop someone from harming you.

As long as the pepper spray is released in the vicinity of an attacker, it will typically be enough to stop them cold in their tracks.

3. Provides Distance

Self-defense starts when you have tools that keep people at a distance. When an assailant cannot get close to you, your risk of experiencing harm is significantly lower. Many pepper spray products deliver a stream that reaches 15 feet or more, allowing for the temporary disablement of the individual before there is a more significant problem to manage.

Even if they get close, you can deploy pepper spray and another self-defense tool to disable the attacker so that you can be safe.

4. Non-Lethal Intervention

As devastating as it can be to experience a pepper spray exposure, the effects eventually wear off. Even if the product gets into an attacker’s eyes, mouth, or nose, you won’t be doing permanent harm to that person. Some people are hesitant to use techniques if they could injure someone, so this self-defense tool provides comfort while delivering an effective stopping spray.

Pepper Spray Is an Affordable Investment in Personal Safety

Deciding to defend oneself is a choice that starts long before an attack occurs. When you have an effective and legal pepper spray product to use, you’ll have a tool that can keep you safe that’s simple and easy to use.

With different sizes and deployment types available, there is something for everyone if you want to defend yourself with pepper spray today.