Mace® is a chemical compound that can drive away attackers. Although it’s used as an animal repellent, it can be a self-defense tool.

That’s not to be confused with the mace that medieval soldiers took into battle, although carrying around a colossal bludgeon might be fun.

When you carry personal safety products from the Mace brand, you’re creating opportunities that give you an escape from a potentially dangerous situation. Most people associate this brand with the pepper sprays it produces, but other items are available.

Use a Gel that Sticks to the Attacker

Self Defense Mall offers several Mace-branded items for personal protection. One of the most popular items from this brand is the pepper gel they produce. Instead of a spray that sends particles in unknown directions, the extra weight of this product gives you directional control over its application.

Once the gel hits an attacker, it sticks to them. Since you can spray this product up to 20% further than a standard spray, you can place more room between you and them. It sticks to the skin, making it hard to wipe off, which creates enough discomfort to help you get away.

In return, you have more self-defense options to consider when in close quarters that won’t impact others.

Mace products inflame the airways and eyes of an attacker with an intense reaction. It’s a powerful self-defense tool that you can apply in a split second. That’s why it should be part of your inventory when you want to have more safety options available.