If an attacker has already grabbed you, stun guns are a particularly effective self-defense tool. It requires less accuracy to be effective than other options while delivering a deterrent, when seen, that often stops an assailant.

The most powerful stun guns deliver millions of volts. That’s enough power to leave a person disabled for up to 30 minutes.

A stun gun works by having probes on the device pressed into the attacker’s body. It releases an electronic charge at low amperage, disabling the attacker while minimizing the risk of causing severe injuries.

Once the voltage engages with the body, it causes muscle spasms to occur and blood sugar levels to deplete. That gives you time to escape.

Why a Stun Gun is a Great Self-Defense Investment

Stun guns come in several shapes, forms, and sizes. That makes this tool easier to use when you need fast and efficient movements to defend yourself.

Most stun gun designs are discreet, allowing them to be more practical to carry. If you’re attacked, it can be placed anywhere on the body to create results. The best places are the shoulder, neck, belly, underarm, or groin.

If you hit someone with a stun gun, there is a worry that the voltage could pass to your body. That is not true. Unless you hit yourself with the probes directly, this tool helps you defend yourself in close situations.

You can keep a stun gun with your pepper spray and Mace® products to have multiple layers of defense to use if the need arises.