Is there a difference between a taser gun and a stun gun for women?

If you have a stun gun, the probes must be used when an attacker is close to you. They’re fixed to the unit, allowing you to press it against the person to engage the voltage.

The electric probes are fired at the attacker when you have a taser gun. Some designs provide support for up to 15 feet. That means you have more chances to escape because you can fire before someone closes the gap between them and you.

Can a Civilian Own Taser Guns?

A taser gun is not considered a firearm. They are legal to own in 49 states in the US, allowing women to use them for self-defense. It uses electric shocks to stop someone from attacking.

Although a taser gun is similar to a traditional firearm, with a barrel shape and a trigger, it sends probes toward an attacker attached to wires from the device.

The probes have a unique design that works to break through clothing when making contact with an attacker. It delivers a shock that affects the muscles, making the individual incapable of voluntary movement. Most people drop to the ground with this reaction or the pain that comes with it.

Be sure to review the laws and rules regarding taser use where you live to ensure you comply with all current regulations. Some cities don’t allow them, even if their state does.