Some attackers don’t care what self-defense tools you carry. They’re coming to hurt you or take what you have, no matter what.

Others stop when they have visual deterrents. If you show them that you’ve got pepper gel, they might think twice about attacking.

A cell phone stun gun disguises your self-defense plan. It looks like one of today’s top smartphones, but it delivers enough electrified protection to an attacker to stop them cold.

Many smartphone stun guns come with a flashlight and a clock to mimic what the real thing provides.

Why Carry a Cell Phone Stun Gun?

A cell phone stun gun lets you carry a self-defense tool in plain sight. If you place it in a holster or keep it in a pocket, you’ll have fast access to a device that could save your life.

If you’re unsure of your environment or situation, this stun gun can be held in your hand without anyone realizing that you’ve got a weapon ready to defend yourself. Just push the stun button while pressing the device into an attacker to give yourself a chance to get away.

These products look like real smartphones. They come with an extra safety switch to ensure accidental discharge doesn’t occur. The flashlight can help you see in the dark, but it is also bright enough to serve as another self-defense tool.

You’ll want to review the current stun gun laws before investing in this resource to ensure it is legal to carry.