What to Do in a Bear Attack – Black and Brown Bears | SABRE’s Frontiersman

Bear spray is the best option in case of a bear attack, according to experts. Backpacker Magazine’s Contributing Editor Ryan Van Duzer shares a few bear safety tips to keep in mind while exploring bear country:

With either species, you can react the same way in a bear encounter (as opposed to a bear attack). Here’s what to do:
1. Make yourself look big, and stay together if you’re in a group.
2. Make noise by yelling and using instruments such as bear bells.
3. Walk away slowly.
4. Never run – running can change a bear encounter into a bear attack.

If a black bear encounter does escalate into a bear attack, stand your ground and fight back with everything you have.

On the other hand, if a brown (grizzly) bear encounter does escalate into a bear attack, play dead. Brown bears are more likely to aggressively defend themselves when feeling threatened, but once they feel there is no longer a threat, they will likely back away. To play dead in a brown bear attack, lie on the ground and cover your neck.

With either species, bear spray is more effective than a firearm, because bear spray requires less accuracy than a gun. It’s difficult to hit a target moving at 50 feet per second with a bullet, but the bear spray’s fog delivery helps you cover more ground.

The most important thing is to not take your safety for granted. Always be prepared with bear spray while exploring the great outdoors. Shop Frontiersman bear spray at

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