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Ryan Van Duzer, Contributing Editor for Backpacker Magazine, covers a recommended bear safety plan for exploring Mother Nature, because “knowing what to do and what not to do could be the difference if a bear gets aggressive.”

1. Food odors
Bears have an acute sense of smell, and can be drawn to the faintest of food odors. So while you’re not cooking or eating, be sure to lock away your food in an odor-sealing container. This will reduce the chances of a bear wandering into your campsite.

2. Keep your bear spray readily available at all times.

3. To avoid bears on the trail, make noise. Travel in groups of five or more if possible, and bring bear bells along. This will alert bears of your presence and likely cause them to flee.

Experts say bear spray is effective 90% of the time in a bear encounter, whereas those who use firearms to deter bears are injured at a rate of 50%. Bear spray requires less accuracy, due to Frontiersman’s heavy fog delivery, which makes it much easier to hit a fast-moving target.

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