Bear Spray Practice | SABRE’s Frontiersman

Did you know that an 800-pound bear can charge up to 50 feet per second? To help you prepare for everything Mother Nature might throw your way, Backpacker Magazine’s Contributing Editor Ryan Van Duzer discusses bear spray and how to use it properly. Watch as he demonstrations practice bear spray from industry-leading Frontiersman.

Bear spray is your best option when it comes to exploring bear country with confidence, but only if you know how to use the product correctly.

Frontiersman practice spray brings the same distance and firing mechanism as the real thing, but without the pepper irritant. This water canister helps you get comfortable, preparing you to use the real thing.

Frontiersman practice bear spray…
– is safe to use outdoors, downwind and in open areas
– contains enough product for three people to try deploying it
– is safe for family members so everyone will know what to do in case of a bear attack

Practice spray is for training purposes only. It’s just water inside the canister, so don’t depend upon your Frontiersman practice bear spray to deter a bear – you need the real deal.

Frontiersman bear spray…
– is almost twice as potent as human pepper spray
– is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge
– comes with glow-in-the-dark safety plus the option of a bear or chest holster
– has been field tested and proven effective

Frontiersman from SABRE: When only the best will do!

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