Bike Holster for Bear Spray, SABRE’s New Product

Want to explore bear country with confidence on two wheels? Try the Bike Holster for Bear Spray from SABRE’s Frontiersman, the industry’s leader in bear spray. In this video, produced by Backpacker Magazine’s AIM Studios in the Colorado Rockies, you’ll see the Bike Holster for Bear Spray in action.

Frontiersman is introducing the Bike Holster for Bear Spray, a product tailored to those cycling in bear country. The holster fits all standard bicycle water bottle cages and is compatible with all Frontiersman bear spray canisters. Lightweight yet durable, the 1.75 oz holster is made out of Polyethylene and protects the bear spray within from damage and/or puncture.

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“We know that bear spray holsters can be cumbersome for cyclists. That’s why we developed a more user-friendly product that helps them keep their bear spray on hand while biking,” said David Nance, SABRE CEO. “We also know that cyclists in bear country will appreciate the holster’s easy assembly.”

The Bike Holster for Bear Spray is Frontiersman’s most recent addition to its comprehensive line of bear safety products, which also includes bear bells, bear spray hip and chest holsters and a bear-resistant food container.

The holster is now available for $18.99 on If you’re a retailer interested in selling this product, contact

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