Taser Gun for Women: How to Find the Best Self-Defense Product

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A TASER® is a handheld electro-muscular disruption device that serves as an excellent self-defense tool for women. It is capable of attacker incapacitation by delivering an electrical current that causes involuntary muscle spasms and pain while providing a less-than-lethal experience.

Law enforcement officials often use TASER products to incapacitate combative
suspects during arrests temporarily.

This product should not be treated as a firearm, but it is also a higher-level self-defense option than other tools such as Kubotans and pepper sprays.

History of the Taser Gun

History of TASER Products

The original TASER brand began with the help of two brothers and an experienced inventory. Their goal was to make the world a safer place, so they got to work in a local garage.

CEO Rick Smith says that their current goal is to make bullets obsolete. When you have less than lethal options to protect yourself, there are fewer litigation or criminal risk factors to consider when a situation develops.

Women on college campuses are the most likely demographic to experience violent crime. When you invest in a high-quality self-defense tool, you can stay sharp like a pro. [[1]]

The truth is that you can never be too prepared, even if you believe the world is filled with good people. Instead of relying on luck or others to intervene, Taser from Axiom empowers you to take control of an undesirable situation with your own two hands.

How Do TASERs Work for Self-Defense?

How Do TASERs Work for Self-Defense?

TASER devices by Axion operate in two modes. The first is called the “probe,” which fires two insulated attachment probes to a person’s clothing or skin by insulated wires. Once the connection is complete, a high-voltage, low-amp current passes from the self-defense device to the attacker. [[2]]

The amperage causes an uncontrollable neuromuscular reaction. Most individuals cannot perform voluntary actions once the circuit is complete. Once the person is immobilized, the current from the Taser ceases, stopping the pain and involuntary movement.

TASERs have a second mode called “drive stun.” The probes aren’t typically fired with this option. You’d place the self-defense tool directly against the attacker’s clothing or skin, inflicting acute pain for up to five seconds.

The second mode works well when an attacker has already breached your boundaries. Since many assailants attempt to overwhelm women, this tool provides a resource that creates another option for escape.

If the probes fail to create a circuit, the drive-stun option allows for a secondary self-defense technique without needing to change tools.

What are the Benefits of TASER Ownership?

Benefits of Using a TASER Disadvantages of Using a TASER
Benefits of Using a TASER Minimal aftercare is typically required after using either TASER mode, reducing the risk of dealing harm to a potential attacker while having options to escape. Disadvantages of Using a TASER Multiple applications of a TASER to an attacker or prolonged exposure to the current could increase the risk of injury or harm to some individuals.
Benefits of Using a TASER TASER self-defense tools are deployable at a safe distance, providing an advantage similar to what pepper sprays offer. Disadvantages of Using a TASER Secondary injuries are possible when using this self-defense tool, including blistering, bruising, irritation, or lacerations.
Benefits of Using a TASER The effects that a TASER delivers cease once the tool is disengaged. Disadvantages of Using a TASER The involuntary muscle movements that a TASER can cause may create substantial injuries if a person falls off an elevated surface or impacts on hard materials when falling.
Benefits of Using a TASER When the probe mode is activated, a Taser is still effective against individuals who don’t respond or feel pain, including those who are aggressive while under the effects of alcohol or drugs. Disadvantages of Using a TASER There could be limited use in some operational environments, including when flammable products are nearby.
Benefits of Using a TASER TASERs use a less-than-lethal approach to self-defense that can help anyone remove themselves from situations where someone could be violent, combative, or aggressive. Disadvantages of Using a TASER Research published in the Circulation journal from the American Heart Association found that TASERs can cause sudden arrhythmias and cardiac arrest for some people, especially those with an existing medical condition.
Benefits of Using a TASER TASER products are currently legal to own in 49 out of 50 states. Residents of Rhode Island Disadvantages of Using a TASER are not permitted to own a TASER in 2022. Other states may have restrictions on ownership, and all users should review local laws. [[4]]


Every self-defense tool for women has several advantages and disadvantages to consider. If you’re thinking about investing in a Taser device from Axiom, here are some of the crucial points you’ll want to consider. [[3]]

The courts have ruled that banning the possession of a TASER in Rhode Island is an unconstitutional restriction. Judge William E. Smith ruled in favor of permanently blocking the law’s enforcement.

Types of TASER Products for Women to Use

When most people picture a TASER, they think of the TASER Pulse or the TASER 7 CQ. These products are similar to what you see law enforcement carrying throughout the United States and throughout the world.



TASER PulseThe TASER Pulse provides a 30-second muscular override that gives you plenty of time to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. It also comes with contact stun capabilities if someone has breached your boundaries. Assisted targeting is available with its built-in, high-visibility flashlight and a laser for rapid acquisition.

The TASER Pulse comes with two live cartridges. You can purchase more as needed in ten-packs to ensure your ongoing safety while using OWB or IWB holsters.


With the TASER 7 CQ, you’ll have one of the most effective self-defense tools available for civilian use today. It features a 12-foot reach with its probe mode or delivers a five-second stun cycle for aggressive attackers. With its durable carrying case, this resource works well for home defense or professional use.

You can still fire the probes when an assailant is as close as four feet. It comes with a backup shot to remove the manual reloading needs that other designs require. The TASER 7 CG even issues an audible warning directly over the front to increase the chance of voluntary surrender.

Replacement cartridges are available for the TASER 7 CQ. It works well with the Safariland Holster.

If those TASERs from Axiom products don’t meet your needs, several additional options are available for women to consider.

1. TASER Strikelight

Taser StrikelightThis self-defense tool combines the help of a high-intensity flashlight with the protective power of a stun gun. It delivers 80 lumens of illumination to help you see or find those missing items at home while keeping an assailant away. It comes with a. wrist strap for secure carrying, and you can recharge it at your convenience with the included wall charger.

The TASER Strikelight fits in your glove box, but it’s the right size for a pocket or backpack when taking a walk. Its housing is made of a PC and ABS blend to ensure its ongoing durability.

Even if you don’t make contact with the stun gun or blind someone by shining the light in their eyes, you can use the Strikelight as a blunt-force object for self-defense purposes. It’s a wonderful combination of safety and comfort features.


2. TASER Strikelight 2

TASER productWith this TASER product, you take the flashlight component of the original self-defense design to another level. It comes with three beams.

  • The high beam delivers 700 lumens, creating a bright impact on the darkest environments.
  • A 150-lumen low beam works well for general purposes.
  • It has a red mode that provides vision improvements for nighttime use.

With this product, you still receive a stun capability, ensuring that multiple self-defense options are available. It comes with a charging cable and a wrist strap for secure carrying.

3. TASER Bolt 2

TASER Bolt 2This self-defense tool provides a 15-foot range for enhanced safety, which is similar to what you receive with some pepper sprays. You can deliver up to 30 seconds for a full lockup, ensuring that there is plenty of time to contact emergency services or remove yourself from an incident. A contact stun is also available for those unwanted close encounters.

What makes the TASER Bolt 2 unique is that its shape is distinctive. It will not be misinterpreted as a handgun or a firearm. As with most Taser items, if you fire it in self-defense, it gets replaced free of charge if you need to flee the area.

TASER from Axiom provides a safety app with this self-defense tool for an extra security layer. You can get the backup you want at the touch of a button or whenever the device is fired.

Two live cartridges come with the product, along with the batteries you need for operation. Practice targets, a wrist strap, and a cover leash are also in the box. You can also stock up on a ten-pack of live cartridges to ensure you don’t run out of the protective power you need.



Taser X1The TASER X1 is a professional-series self-defense tool that’s perfect for women or men to use. Its functionality is similar to the devices used by law enforcement to disable aggressive assailants. It delivers 500 five-second firings to ensure it performs when you need it.

The TASER X1 works by overriding the central nervous system of the assailant for up to five seconds. It comes with a 15-foot range with its cartridges, which is plenty of room to create an escape route. You’ll also receive an LED light and laser targeting to ensure accurate aiming.

Two live cartridges and a carrying case come included, along with a performance power magazine.



TASER X2With the TASER X2, you can double the capabilities in your hands compared to a standard self-defense device in this category. It comes with a fully equipped backup shot in case the first one misses. It is a legal option for anyone who wants to strengthen their personal safety or home protection plans.

One trigger pull incapacitates an attacker for up to five seconds. This design uses a single or multi-cycle capability to ensure there aren’t any unwelcome surprises after you think things are settled. Dual lasers remove the guesswork from aiming while creating an accurate shot, even for those with minimal practice on the device.

As with the TASER X1, you receive 500 five-second firings. The battery is replaceable, and its warning arc can increase voluntary surrenders.

Tips for Using a TASER from Axiom Successfully

After verifying that TASER products are legal where you live, the best tip to remember is one that police officers follow. It would be best if you never simultaneously held a firearm and this self-defense tool.

If you prefer a less-than-lethal approach, draw your desired product first

“TASER” is a term that many people use for all stun guns, but there is a distinctive difference between the brand-name items from Axiom and the generic items you can find for sale. You’ll want to ensure your purchase reflects your self-defense needs. [[5]]

Once you’ve satisfied those requirements, these tips can help you successfully use your Taser if a situation arises.

  1. Practice your aim with your TASER to ensure you’re familiar with the targeting and firing process. Even though the range can be up to 15 feet, which seems small, there can be a lot of issues to manage in that space.
  2. Learn the grip of your preferred Taser for women or men. Work on engaging or disengaging the safety and becoming familiar with how everything works.
  3. Don’t overuse the warning arc. TASERs are battery-operated, so it is possible to have it not perform as expected when using this feature.
  4. Make contact with the target before pressing the button unless the goal is to intimidate the attacker.
  5. Ensure that your TASER is accessible from a place where you can reach it during any potential attack. You might need to deploy it in a matter of seconds to stay safe.
  6. All TASER devices should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

It’s also crucial to remember that the best self-defense option is to avoid a confrontation whenever possible. Your definition can mean many things, but the overall purpose is to have the peace of mind needed to manage your day.

When you know how to use a TASER for women (or anyone) correctly, you can manage your daily routine with much less stress.

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