Self-defense skills are techniques that all people, of all ages, should know in today’s world. The news is filled with people who get victimized, often randomly, and the outcomes are never pleasant.

Although you can’t prevent all incidents of potential harm, you do have the power to control how you react to them. Whether kids learn self-defense skills in after-school programs, during PE class, or from their parents, they’ll have tools to implement to control most situations.

Parents, adults, seniors, and anyone else can also benefit from the following self-defense tips.

Prevention Is Always the Best Solution

If you have the power to remove yourself from a situation, you should take it. The best self-defense technique is an open and quick retreat. Does it matter what an attacker thinks about you?

Assertive body language that suggests an attack against you can also be a helpful preventative tool. Most attackers want to take on an easy mark because they’re scared of getting hurt themselves.

Use a Correct Fist

If you expose your thumb while defending yourself, you could cause a self-inflicted injury that puts you at a disadvantage. The best way to inflict harm while defending yourself is to protect your fingers while not leaving your thumb exposed.

Don’t tuck the thumb underneath your fingers. It should be kept across the first knuckle of your index and middle finger to provide the best results.

self-Defense Tips That All Kids Should Know

Hit the Vulnerable Areas

Whether you use a fist, a stun gun, or a taser to defend yourself, the areas to target are always the same. Everyone has the same weak points: the eyes, ears, nose, throat, groin, solar plexus, jaw, behind the knee, and toes.

Evaluate the Situation

When an attacker has a dangerous weapon, the goal should be to remove yourself from the situation. If that option isn’t possible, try to comply with reasonable demands until you can get away.

There could be times when your decision to defend yourself is the only chance for survival. In that situation, attempt to block or neutralize the effects of the deadly weapon while implementing a strategic attack that can help you escape.

Focus on Damage

It’s tempting to inflict pain on a person when they attack you, but your goal should be to inflict as much damage as possible. If that means you can hit them with pepper spray from 15 feet or more before harm can come to you, it makes sense to use that self-defense tool.

Alert Others to Danger

From personal alarms to loud whistles, it is crucial to alert others that you’re in danger. This action lets people know that you need help while warning them that someone could come after them next once they’re finished with you. Loud sounds often drive off attackers because the goal is to create harm without anyone but you knowing what happened.

Investing in self-defense is a decision that could save your life. With numerous affordable resources available today, you’ll find the right combination of tools to use to keep yourself and others safe when the need arises.