Byrna SD Pepper Gun – Tan

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  • The Choice of Both Professionals and Civilians: Thousands Trust Our Self-Defense Solution
  • Hassle-Free Protection: No Background Checks or Permits Required
  • Strike with Precision: Hit Targets Up to 60 ft Away at 285 Feet per Second
  • Take Your Protection On the Road: Interstate Travel-Friendly Option
  • Train for Self-Defense at Your Convenience: Anytime, Anywhere
  • A 4.5-Star Rating Can’t Be Wrong: Over 2,000 Satisfied Customers
  • Powerful, Yet Non-Lethal: Effective Defense for Anyone
  • Protect Yourself with Confidence: Backed by Professionals and Civilians Alike
  • The Ultimate Self-Defense Companion: Easy to Use and Transport
  • A Proven Success: Our Self-Defense Solution Has Earned Rave Reviews from Customers
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Byrna SD Pepper Gun - Tan + Byrna SD Pepper Gun - Tan
Price for both: $399.98
Byrna SD Pepper Gun - Tan
Byrna SD Pepper Gun – Tan

Out of stock