Stun Guns

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As one of the most popular self-defense tools, stun guns can immediately subdue an attacker. Regardless of your size, you can go where you want with the peace of mind knowing you’re protected. You can carry a sabre stun gun flashlight with you in a small purse, bag, pockets, or even on your cell phone making these self-defense tools immediately accessible in a frightening scenario.

Which Type of Stun Gun is Right for You

From stun batons to ground-pounding ZAP stun guns, we carry a wide selection of stun guns to fit your self-defense needs. We recommend our sabre stun gun batons with flashlight for a larger, more intimidating self-defense tool. While they can be difficult to carry around with you, a stun baton can immediately subdue a person of almost any size. It also allows you to stay a bit farther back. So, you can subdue a threat without putting yourself in danger.

When it comes to convenience, you can’t go wrong with a phone case tactical stun gun baton flashlight. Since you already carry your phone with you everywhere you go, you can’t find a more convenient self-defense tool. While the strength of these wholesale stun gun with flashlight does not match up to a tactical stun baton, they still get the job done.

If you need discretion, look no further than our wholesale lipstick stun gun or stun pen with flashlight. Both of these stun guns are shaped like everyday products. Thus, making it easy for you to conceal them and feel safe in any situation.

Of course, we also offer a wide range of traditional stun guns that pack a reliable punch.