#SelfieSafety: National Running Safety Month

Time for another #SelfieSafety video from our partner Jennifer Cassetta!

This week – it’s all about how to have a safe work out outdoors as November is National Running Safety Month.

In her video, Jennifer recommends two ways you can be safe as you prepare to head out for your daily training:

1. Don’t be too social on social media. Jennifer says you can give people opportunity to harm you if you tell your followers too many details about your training schedule.

2. Carry SABRE’s Runner Pepper Spray – perfect for people on the move, this product comes with a hand grip so you can exercise while having safety at your fingertips, ready to use your pepper spray at a moment’s notice. Jennifer says you shouldn’t just rely on your cell phone as a safety tool.

Remember – Safe is Smart!

Jennifer Cassetta is a self-defense expert and personal trainer. For more Jennifer Cassetta videos, find her on YouTube: or visit her website:

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