KSDK St. Louis Interviews SABRE About Increased Demand for Pepper Spray

The NBC affiliate in the St. Louis area is reporting a dramatic increase in the sales of pepper spray throughout the region.

One retailer in the St. Louis area, Uncle Sam’s, says in the past month or so, sales of pepper spray have doubled or tripled, and the shelves are now empty as they wait for new shipments.

SABRE Security Equipment Corporation is located in the St. Louis region, and as the world’s leading manufacturer of pepper spray, Channel 5 News stopped by to learn why pepper spray is an appealing personal protection tool.

SABRE products provide protection at a safe distance – the sprays can reach up to 10 sometimes 12 feet away. And once the threat has been sprayed with pepper spray, it gives you time to escape to safety. Typically the threat will be incapacitated for a half hour to 45 minutes depending on the amount of spray that is used.

Here are some tips for properly using pepper spray:

1. Use your thumb, not your index finger, to activate the product. This provides a better grip.
2. If you’re using a product that has the stream spray pattern, aim for the attacker’s face and spray straight across their eyes from ear to ear. If you have a product that uses the cone spray pattern, aim for the center of the attacker’s face and note that this pattern will create a greater respiratory effect.
3. Be alert and ready to sidestep out of the way to safety.

Uncle Sam’s goes on to say the biggest uptick in sales are coming from women who want some sort of protection, but don’t want to carry a firearm.

For more information about SABRE pepper sprays, and learn more about how to increase your personal safety, visit our website at

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