Byrna Donates Bullet-Resistant Shields to Charity Event Benefitting At-Risk Kids | Self Defense Mall

Byrna is honored to partner with Doc and the Block and Big Timers Foundation in Atlanta for their first annual event benefitting middle school kids in at-risk communities. They work together to show kids there are better ways to live their lives—avoiding the pitfalls and dead ends of drugs, gangs, and crime.

In an effort to help give these awesome kids the best and safest chance for a successful life, Byrna donated Byrna Shields, a bullet-resistant backpack body armor that weighs less than a pound, and committed mentorship time to guide DNTB youths when needed.

DNTB has interviewed NFL players, UFC greats, members of Congress, Governors, and celebrities, each telling their inspirational stories of the adversities they overcame to reach their own level of success and what they’re doing to give back and inspire others to RISE TO THEIR POTENTIAL.

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