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Its that time of year again, and as we send our kids back to school Byrna has compiled the top 5 safety tips for you and your family that you probably haven’t thought about.

5. The Safe use of Technology
I know we all love those “first day of school” pictures but be careful about sharing to many personal details about your child’s activities online. And make sure you explain the risks to them about sharing too much on social media.

4. Fire Drills and Evacuation Plans
Make sure your child is aware of the evacuation plans and the active shooter response protocols at their school, quiz them when they get home. And if they aren’t familiar make sure the school is taking proactive measures to prepare their students for these disasters.

3. Situational Awareness
A heightened awareness of our surroundings is one of the best ways to keep us from getting into a dangerous situation in the first place. Make sure your child is observant of their environment; being aware of exits, emergency equipment, people acting suspicious and potential hazards can help them react quickly in a crisis.

2. Safe Routes to and from Schools, bus stops, and pick up lanes
Help your child become familiar with the safest routes to and from school. Make sure they prioritize well-lit streets, crosswalks, intersections with crossing guards and highly trafficked areas where they are less likely to get cornered by a predator.

1. Equip them with the tools to keep them alive.
While active shooters in schools may be rare, they happen all too often. And for less than the price of a pair of shoes, the Byrna Shield placed in a backpack can be the layer of protection that saves their life when you can’t be there.

With these tips employees, you and your kids should feel much safer and more prepared going into the school year, because you have done what it takes to make sure you are prepared to defend.




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