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Tactical pens bring a lot of self-defense and safety value into a small package. On top of the self-defense and safety value they offer, they also work as a regular high-quality pen. But, they go far beyond a regular pen in the way they can help you in an emergency scenario. From fending off an attacker to breaking glass in an emergency, a tactical pen can come in handy when you least expect it.

How Can a Tactical Pen Keep You Safe?
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A tactical pen is typically made out of strong metal. This simple fact allows it to work in a variety of ways. In a self-defense situation, you can simply wrap your hand around it to help stabilize your fist adding more power to your punches while reducing the chance of injuring your hand.

The design of a tactical pen also adds to its self-defense capabilities. With a pointed tip and strong body, it can be used to stab or jab a potential threat. This will either subdue or scare away any danger. This same pointed tip can also be used to break glass in an emergency scenario. Whether it’s a car sinking in water or a fire you need to flee from, breaking glass is oftentimes the quickest way to escape an emergency situation.

You can also carry around a tactical pen with ease thanks to a convenient pocket clip. This keeps your pen in place at all times.