Dummy Cameras

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Dummy cameras can effectively deter crime. They look exactly like real cameras at a fraction of the cost. This makes any criminals think they’re on camera even if it’s just a dome dummy camera. While a it can’t help you after a crime has been committed, it can definitely help deter a crime from ever taking place, to begin with.

How to Effectively Use CCTV Dummy Cameras
Dummy Cameras Security Defense Weapon

The most effective use of a dummy camera for surveillance is making it look like an actual security camera as best as possible. This means placing your fake cameras in the same places an actual security camera would be. So, even though it can’t record, look at where its potential blind spots would be and pick a location with the least amount of blind spots.

Also, consider the vicinity you want to secure. Placing it only covering that specific area might make it obvious the camera is fake, but placing it in an optimal location to cover the specific area and its surrounding areas will look more realistic.

A major giveaway of dome dummy cameras is when someone goes overboard. An actual security camera system does not include security cameras everywhere but rather strategically placed cameras to cover as much ground as possible. Make these same considerations when setting up your fake cameras.

If you can, mix in a few real security cameras with your cctv surveillance dummy camera for a truly realistic setup.