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When and Where Do People Get Attacked the Most?

When and Where Do People Get Attacked the Most?

Aggravated assault is the fourth-most common crime that occurs in the United States. It’s ranked under larceny/theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. An aggravated assault occurs when an attack occurs with the intent to cause grave injury to another person. It can involve a weapon. Weapon-based and weaponless aggravated assault incidents account for about 7% […]

How to Throw Throwing Stars Correctly

Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are a unique self-defense weapon that can maximize damage while expanding your boundaries. If you’ve seen action movies from Japan, China, and other parts of Asia, it’s not unusual to see a few throwing stars flying around the screen. When they’re thrown for fun, this self-defense tool is sometimes called a “Ninja Star.” […]

Interest in Self-Defense Classes Is Rising in the United States

self defense classes

When crime increases, two reactions occur. Gun sales rise, and so does local interest in self-defense classes. Although most self-defense courses are designed to teach women how to protect themselves, everyone has options. If the class talks about domestic violence, the organizers typically limit it to ages 12 and up. The best self-defense courses involve […]