Wyandotte Co KS EDP with Sword Recorded by TASER CAM 2007

Officers Serving Warrant Use Taser Gun On Man. Two Wyandotte County officers used a TASER X26 CEW on a psychiatric patient holding a sword, and the incident was caught on video by a TASER CAM recorder.
Sheriff’s deputies went to the man’s apartment to take him to a state mental hospital, but when they arrived, he had barricaded himself inside a bathroom.
“There are a lot of unknown factors when you go to places, and therefore we need to utilize technology available, such as the TASER quipped with the camera,” Wyandotte County Jail Administrator Randall Henderson said.
The video showed the man holding a kind of dagger, and the officers repeatedly told him to drop the weapon. The man didn’t drop it, and the officers used the stun gun. The man didn’t fall to the ground until he’d been shocked three times.
Once the man was calm, the officers transported him to the hospital without further incident.
“Here’s a prime example if the Taser’s utilized appropriately, that we can accomplish the task at hand and everyone will fell like the job was well done,” Henderson. Called a “win-win.”



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