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SABRE pepper gel: The future of pepper spray is here!
Pepper spray is one of the most practical personal safety options. It provides protection against multiple threats at a safe distance, and is a proven deterrent chosen by police forces worldwide.

Pepper gel provides all the stopping power you’ve come to expect from SABRE pepper spray, but with added benefits.

– Virtually eliminates wind blow-back with no airborne particles (only affects – and sticks to – the target/person it directly contacts)
– Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as it makes cleanup easier and prevents wind blow-back
– Greater range: 20% farther than traditional pepper spray (keychain pepper gel range: 12 feet, tactical pepper gel range: 18 feet, home defense pepper gel range: 30 feet)

Pepper gel is especially beneficial in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, courtrooms, airports, sporting venues and more.
Pepper gel is exceedingly safe for indoor use, as it won’t spread through HVAC systems.

Keychain pepper gel is exclusively offered by SABRE.

Protect yourself and your family. Learn more about our expansive pepper gel collection at

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