Protect Yourself and Your Family with the SABRE Personal Alarm.
Because aggravated assaults, kidnappings, muggings and robberies can happen anywhere at any time, it’s important to consider options to protect your safety during a dangerous threat.
SABRE Personal Alarm can easily be carried as a keychain, attached to your purse, backpack or handbag. When your personal safety is threatened, simply remove the alarm from the keychain and the 110 dB alarm sounds. The SABRE Personal Alarm can be heard up to 300 feet or 100 meters and the loud sounds can deter threats by calling attention to others to your aid.
• The SABRE Personal Alarm is available in black, pink and red.
• The red SABRE alarm supports the charity RAINN- Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Join The Fight Against Sexual Violence!
• The pink SABRE alarm supports NBCF- National Breast Cancer Foundation.
• Batteries included

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