SABRE Door Handle Alarm – Security Alarm Sound and Easy Installation

Are you looking to make your home more secure? SABRE Door Handle Alarm detects vibration when someone turns the doorknob to try to enter your home and sounds the alarm up to 600 feet away. Learn all the features in this video.

About SABRE HS-DHA Door Handle Alarm:
A burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds in the United States – and the average 911 response time has climbed to 10 minutes due to federal budget cuts. With SABRE’s Door Handle Alarm, you can fortify your home against property crime. Simply hang the alarm from the inside to turn your door into its very own security system. The Door Handle Alarm detects vibration when someone touches the handle from the outside. This door alarm sounds a 110dB alarm audible up to 600 feet (185M) away to wake you while alerting the burglar – and possibly neighbors – that an intrusion has been detected. This user-friendly and versatile security alarm includes three operating modes (off/chime/alarm), and alarm mode includes a 30-second activation delay to prevent immediate false triggering. If the doorknob is touched any time after the initial 30-second delay, the Door Handle Alarm sounds immediately. This item is ideal for homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, bedroom doors, and more, giving you an added level of protection when you need it most. Learn more:

About SABRE:
As the #1 personal safety brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide, SABRE’s mission is to educate and empower consumers to feel safer in their everyday lives. Whether protection is needed on the go, venturing out on a hike, running errands, or going for a run – SABRE wants to help you Make It Safe®, no matter where you go, what you do, or where life takes you. #MakeItSafe #PersonalSafetyIsPersonal

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