SABRE 3-in-1 Stun Gun Safety Tool S-1013

Introducing the industry’s easiest to carry, Ultra-Compact SABRE 3-in-1 Stun Gun which combines a stun gun, personal alarm and LED light into one device! Around the same size as a pack of mints, this is the most compact, easy to carry, multi-purpose stun gun available.

Don’t let the small key fob design fool you. It measures an impressive 1.15 uC (microcoulombs) delivering intolerable pain for reliable protection when you need it most! The extremely loud 115 dB alarm is audible up to roughly 500 feet away. It draws immediate attention and scares off a potential attacker.

Additional features include the 70-lumen LED flashlight which helps enhance night-time visibility and a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, a wrist strap and a re-chargable battery.

Choose this ultra-compact, ultra-powerful 3-in-1 device that delivers reliable, intolerable pain stopping power when you need it most. The SABRE 3-in-1-Stun Gun Safety Tool – the most practical, compact & easiest to carry stun gun to help maximize your safety.

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