Pepper Spray Training – SABRE RED Practice Spray

Maximize your safety with SABRE’s Practice Sprays. Practice. Be Prepared. Improve our accuracy and increase your confidence with SABRE Practice Sprays. You must know how your pepper spray works before you face a dangerous threat. SABRE Practice Sprays help prepare you by providing Practice Sprays which deploy water.

Use SABRE Practice Sprays to learn how to grip your pepper spray. Learn how to arm and disarm your SABRE pepper spray and how to deploy your spray with your thumb. Familiarize yourself with the spray pattern and distance the spray reaches. The SABRE Practice Sprays give you access to a FREE Safety Tips Video, How to Use Pepper Spray Video, Proper Spray Techniques and Practice Target. Visit for more information.

This video was presented by David Nance, Personal Safety Expert – and President of the SABRE Personal Safety Academy –

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