The following video will help you maximize your safety when handling bear spray.

The 225 gram canister deploys 9 meters for 5.6 seconds. The industry’s largest 325 gram canister has a 10.5 meter range for 8.2 seconds.

• Maximum Strength — 1.0% absolute capsaicin, with a total major capsacinoid
content of 1.84.

• Maximum Range — 225 gram deploys 9 meters up to 30 feet. 325 gram deploys 10.5 meters up to 35 feet.

• Proven to deter attacking bears, SABRE Wild Max is registered by Health Canada.

• Non-flammable, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

• #1 pepper spray brand used by police worldwide, including Canada.

• Great value — 4 year shelf life — doubles the industry average!

• Made in USA — ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

• Hip holster and chest holster not included.

FRONTIERSMAN XTRA is manufactured by Security Equipment Corporation which is the worldwide leading manufacturer of pepper spray and makers of the famous SABRE & SABRE RED brands used by consumers and police forces worldwide. Made in the USA and backed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification, FRONTIERSMAN is the highest quality and best performing bear spray on the market!

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