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One of the things that make the Mission 4 and the TCR so versatile is that both keep a second magazine within easy reach on the launcher. While this not only provides additional ammo it gives the shooter the ability to keep a different type of round in the second magazine, for example, a magazine full of kinetic rounds, and a second magazine full of max rounds.

Should the situation call for a round type switch, all the shooter has to do is eject their first magazine. The launcher will then clear itself of any remaining rounds in the chamber by ejecting those rounds through the magazine well. This allows you to insert another magazine that may have different rounds that will then be immediately available for use without the shooter having to manually clear the previous rounds out of the chamber.

In a training environment, if you are concerned with the rounds possibly breaking on a hard surface, place a towel or cloth on a table and allow the rounds to fall onto it.


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