Self Defense Keychains

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Self defense keychain set offer a last-resort self-defense option that you will always have on your person. Discreet and convenient, a self-defense key chain is ready anytime you need protection. They may seem harmless at first glance but when put to use, these self-defense keychains for women can pack a punch.

Stay Safe Everywhere You Go With Self Defense Keychain Set
Self Defense Key Chains | Self-Defense Keychain For Women | Self-Defense Keychain Sets

You can bring self defense key anywhere you go whether you store it in your purse, pocket, or right in your hand. That’s all the space you need to stay safe everywhere you go with these handy self defense key defense products. Whether you’re walking into your home, to your car, or enjoying a night on the town, your self-defense key chain set is always there when you need it most.

Our self-defense keychains for women are made out of a tough, impact-resistant plastic material that gives you all the power you need. Simply grab hold of your self defense key and you’ll have a stronger, more effective version of the classic self-defense technique of putting your keys between your fingers.

We offer both a heart-shaped and canine-shaped self defense key sets to fit your personal preferences and style. Never find yourself unarmed again by keeping a small self-defense key chain on you at all times!